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He displayed the courage and boldness to dissent, as well as the political savvy and communication skills to bring people together. He was a visionary who displayed patience, tact, and pragmatism. His idealism did not obliterate his attention to details and crucial distinctions. He made people feel loved, respected, and challenged; he was authentic. In his dealings in church and world, we see creativity and flexibility grounded in integrity.

Earnest settles in to the particularities of this life well lived, showing the human spirit, divine power, and practicalities of progress.

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Ordaining Women Discourse of Dissent at the Intersection. B T Roberts as Social Entrepreneur. Roberts and the Roots of Environmentalism. Christian Belief and the Challenge of Threats. Amazing Grace in the Life of the Earnest Christian.

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There are many works on the subject of holiness, written in the days of slave-holding to circulate among slave-holders, and not a word to be found in them condemning the practice. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it. Prepare to discover the most ancient and secret book, which will reveal the true purpose of your existence both on Earth and in the Universe.

Holiness Teachings: The Life & Work of B.T. Roberts pdf Download

From to his death in Benjamin Roberts edited and published The Earnest Christian, an independent family magazine similar in character but, some would say, journalistically superior to the more widely known Guide to Holiness. That which encourages what God forbids is not holiness. The name of a thing does not give it its nature. There is a powerful secret society, spreading itself throughout the country, composed largely of unbelievers, to which, however, many ministers and church-members belong.

Free Methodist Church

This society is thoroughly anti-Christian in its character. To pray in the lodge in the name of Christ is declared by the highest Masonic authority, to be a violation of the fundamental principles of Masonry. The members bind themselves by the most horrid oaths to submit to be murdered, and to conceal, and even commit murder under certain circumstances. Of these facts any intelligent person can easily satisfy himself beyond the shadow of a doubt. Yet in many meetings held for the promotion of holiness, to point out these hindrances to the work of holiness would be considered impertinent and fanatical.

Again the persecution to which the saints of God have always been subjected shows that holiness is not recognized when seen.

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This persecution varies in its form with the prevailing spirit of the age. But whatever shape it assumes, persecution never assigns as its reason, the godliness of its victims. Their obstinacy, or contumacy, or disloyalty, or heresy is assigned as the cause of their sufferings. Christ was put to death as an impostor. Luther was excommunicated as a heretic, and Wesley and Whitefield were hunted as fanatics. Their persecutors were the professed children of God, and they believed it to be a zeal for holiness which instigated their opposition to those who furnished bright examples of holiness in their lives.

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On the other hand, there are those who make holiness comprise attributes which are entirely beyond the reach of a human being in our present condition. They give a meaning to the term which the Scriptures do not warrant.

According to their standard, a holy person cannot make a mistake in judgment, either through ignorance or misapprehension. He must not only do right as he understands it, but do right as they understand it, under all circumstances. They measure others by their own infallibility.

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They make no allowance for lack of judgment or for imperfect training. He who professes holiness, must be according to their views, beyond the reach of unfriendly criticism.

In addition to all this, he must never fall. Should he ever afterward manifest any disposition contrary to his profession, it is then assumed that all along he was either deceived or hypocritical. If he lost holiness, the conclusion is not only that he never had holiness, but that no one ever did or ever will! In short holiness is pronounced unattainable because some who appeared once to have attained it did not persevere to the end.

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