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Get started. Algorithmic lives at the end of the Anthropocene mscedc Week Stephen Abblitt Follow. Unruly machines Quantitatively, the Pinterest smart feed algorithm has had the greatest impact on the lifestream. Co-agential communities Twitter has significantly shaped my reading and research, and my contributions to the lifestream. Datafied futures The algorithmic play in Block 3 shifted emphasis from simply using Medium, Pinterest, Twitter, Spotify, Vimeo and YouTube to curate a lifestream to a more fundamental critique of the inscrutable knowledge infrastructures computers, software, codes, databases, ontologies, algorithms… which support these platforms.

References Bianco, J. In Braidotti, R. Posthuman Glossary. London: Bloomsbury. Derrida, J. Alan Bass. London and New York: Continuum. Haraway, D. A Cyborg Manifesto. In The Cybercultures Reader. Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene. Hayles, N. Kipnis, J.

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Assemblage , 30— Kitchin, R. Thinking critically about and researching algorithms. Kowalski, R. Communications of the ACM , 22 7 : — Montfort, N. Truly you — your physical Being — must master Duality at its most intricate level. It is this mastery of Duality that allows for the grandest of human experiences.

The extremes, the master over polarities of emotion, mental thought, exaltation, synchronicities, manifestations, abundance, loss — all are very human experiences. But what a blessing it is! The work you humanity are doing is providing such wisdom for the great Lifestream of consciousness! It is enabling multiple layers of consciousness to expand beyond duality in greater Harmony on the etheric and neo-etheric plains of existence, such that each Being of Light can expand and transcend their own inharmonic nature. To be human is a gift! It is a chosen aspect of your Lifestream that you have chosen after a millennia of separation from Source and All That Is.

Rejoice in your awakening and the ability to bring your lessons of physical Duality back into the greater stream of consciousness! It is not one simple answer. You may feel an affinity or strong recollection of one particular Lifestream, perhaps a desire to return to that one planetary system or another, but the Truth is you belong to many places, to many levels of consciousness, and so your Existence comes not from one Reality but many.

It is nothing that needs to be forced.

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Me: Many lifetimes, many masters? I saw an image of the book title by the same name. Because of Polarity and the Duality in which you live. You must re-integrate and re-awaken — information is fed to you — so you can balance the Duality. Too fast and the other aspect of your Self must counter-balance itself — you can short circuit, so-to-speak. That is the nature of the Duality of Existence you are living within at this time. Me: What about Plant Medicines, such as Ayahuasca, which can quickly lead people into re-awakening?

Those are tools — Spirit entities — placed within the physical reality that help with re-integration of your physical and ethereal Self. Those who are ready are often called to them to help this process. If someone uses plant spirits without conscious CHOICE of re-activating their awareness of Who They Are, the Duality compensates by shattering aspects of their Reality, leading to things such as addiction, abuse and misuse.

But the Unconscious, polarized, Self pulls them deeper into Duality and Separation.

So without intervention help in re-remembering their true nature , the cycle becomes more extreme, often leading to a downward spiral of further separation and confusion. Tribes are forming now physical realm to quicken this re-integration and re-remembering. Many of the first waves of humans are nearing the end of their Lifestream, thus the mass awakenings re-remembering of consciousness that is happening.

A new wave of humanity is being brought in born. They are already farther on the evolutionary path, but only because of the lessons you have already lived by being in your physical existence in Duality. It is because of YOU, this last wave of physical incarnations, that they have evolved.

What Reincarnates? – Concept of a Lifestream

Me: So we have helped heal the greater Universe by our chosen Lifestream? Me: Thank you, it is with gratitude I received this information. I suddenly felt I was getting a headache and got really tired. Rest now, your energy field has weakened. It is a causal effect from Duality; when you receive so much Light, there must be darkness rest to compensate. Just as the day balances with the night. Three days later, my grandmother — at the age of — passed away.

Her desire is for people to step out of the exhaustive cycle of what they think their life has to be, and instead awaken to their full power, their highest path, and their brightest future. Its skin is slightly mottled and I become acutely aware of its breathing and the strong sense of magic pervading from and all around the creature.

The creature lies in a crib in the centre of a room, alert, curious, enchanted and I am fascinated by this incredible discovery. From death new life miraculously arises! Beneath the man made structure behold a faery child! I reconnected with the magic that lies at my very core; the newness, the freshness, the playfulness and innocence.

I am renewed! Untouched, at the centre, whole, safe, breathing, alive, wondrous beating heart, coupled with the capacity to come to each moment afresh and be fascinated by what I discover. This is my birthright! Shaktipat is a practice which is described as the loosening of this energy by a guru from the way it may be blocked in us. When this shakti energy is loosened and no longer tightly bound by the control of the conscious mind it begins to circulate in the body.

Kriyas are spontaneous movements of the body and of the respiratory system. One interesting aspect of kriyas, which resemble Reichian abreaction, is that they very often manifest as highly involved asanas body postures and as mudras meditational postures involving the hands. I have seen many persons who practice shakipat enter a phase of intense energy flow in which breathing becomes rapid and involuntary and in which people begin with great rapidity to do asanas they never knew and which they ordinarily would never have been able to perform.

Although the conscious practice of asanas facilitates this process, true hatha yoga Indian techniques using physiological processes to integrate ones being occurs involuntarily in this kriya phase. The burst of energy that results is sometimes astounding and may continue for well over an hour. The movements in some individuals are so intense and frantic they appear dangerous. In other persons the movements are soft, delicate and flowing. The explanation for this is that the shakti is opening or purifying obstructions in the energy pathways, that the individual is working out the results of past actions and experience, and that an evolutionary process is allowed to unfold which eventually will result in an expansion of awareness.

The energy is of course thought of as ultimately cosmic or divine. The final results of this process is the opening of the highest brain centres in a new type of consciousness in which the individual merges with the universal consciousness. The total process takes a very long time but this should not dissuade us as each stage has its own rewards. The bodily spasms, automatic breathing, asanas, contortions and reflex patterns that manifest spontaneously as the energy gains momentum all serve to purify the organism. Though some of these phenomena may sound strange they are not experienced as unpleasant once the practitioner no longer totally identifies with bodily processes.

Thus the meditator can be totally in their body without identifying totally with its experiences. He had always since youth, been interested in keeping his body healthy and mobile. About a year before he started SR he had this experience. He says:. I cannot remember ever having had it before. My hips and pubic area vibrated.

Lessons of Love from Above: Ascended Master Wisdom - Teresa Thibodeau - Google Books

Moved is not the right word, nor shook, as the movement was as quick as that produced by an electric vibrator. I have seen this movement, or something like it, on a buck rabbit during mating.

Not really a backward or forward movement, but a very rapid vibration. This occurred with me quite spontaneously and I relaxed and let it happen. There was no erection.

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It happened for fairly long periods four or five times, then as I became more conscious, disappeared. After about two years of SR the experience came back. Sometimes she is aware of this too.