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About the Book. The clock on the drawing room mantel ticked away the seconds loudly, and James drummed his fingers on his knee in time with it. Perhaps it was excitement that caused his every nerve to feel on edge. Certainly not nervous, though. Not when that man was a viscount, accustomed to the sharp eyes and sharper tongues of the ton.

He sighed and walked to the window, but his eyes could hardly take in the well-tended grounds outside. First, Louisa was intelligent and poised. Second, she came from an old and established family. Third, he liked and respected her.

Love Is All Around | Genre Spotlight: Romance

James whirled at the interruption, expecting to see the elderly butler who had shown him in a few minutes before. Instead, a young woman burst into the room at a half-run. She was muttering loudly, her expression harried and the bodice of her frock askew. As her eyes roved the room, she froze in mid-word upon seeing James.

Smart & Sexy Historical Romance

Her mouth dropped open. The clock on the drawing room mantel ticked off four endless seconds as James stared at her, still too surprised to speak, and she stared back with wide blue eyes. The young woman spoke first. James stifled a laugh.

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He was pleasantly surprised to find he meant those trite words. She gasped and grew pink with embarrassment, so James prompted her in his gentlest voice. She met his eyes again, and he was pleased that the flush began to fade from her cheeks. She was rather pretty, small and fair, with a heart-shaped face and a wide mouth that was currently pursed in thought.

About the Book

He gestured her toward a pin-striped sofa. Who on earth was this impulsive creature? His interest was piqued, and he tingled with an excitement quite different from his earlier anxiety. Spencer is my new auto-buy. My agent Jessica Alvarez just announced the deal in Publishers Weekly so now I can celebrate the good news!! Giveaway is for United States only.

Like this: Like Loading Thanks to everyone who entered! Happy reading! Any suggestions? This will be available January 22nd He could be her ruin. A timeless beauty with a mysterious past—and a future she intends to take into her own hands. Given a basic understanding of the main forms of dances, one could purchase the latest books, which usually included the instructions for performing each dance.

The selection would vary depending on who issued the publication.

Regency Romances |

The most popular dances might be carried over from year-to-year for a very long time, while some new ones might be introduced to be danced to old familiar tunes. The most prominent dance masters competed with each other, trying to out-do each other with their offerings and credentials. A typical advertisement from The Morning Post 13th November, reads:. Mrs Chivers superintends the ladies in a separate apartment.

Families attended. Professors taught any department, and the greatest secrecy observed. The Rooms may be had occasionally, which have accommodation for persons. Trained older siblings could be pressed into duty to teach the younger family members when circumstances demanded economy. Dance would be among the subjects taught at finishing schools for young ladies and academies for young gentlemen. English country dances dominated during the early Regency years. So learning the order in which they are done for a particular dance would not be too hard.

Becoming proficient at the steps, however, could be more problematic. Regency dancing is energetic, the steps precise.

Once A Rake (Zebra Historical Romance)

Dance footwork in the Regency era, even for country dances, was closer to ballet. Do you wonder if you would forget how to do one of the dances at a ball? You would not be alone.

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How about carrying a fan with the latest dances printed on it? Or a discrete set of cards with the instructions, strung on a ribbon around your wrist or tucked into your reticule? Selling sets of such cards were yet another way the enterprising dance masters tried to earn their bread.

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Speaking of dance cards, what about those little ones with a pencil with which you could write in your partners names? Did they have those in the Regency era? Is it to see what other dances are planned and to whom she has promised them? Prompt cards to tell the dances, yes, but not to write in the names of partners, not until much later in the 19th century.

For one thing, tiny pencils were not yet being made! And pens required an inkwell. Dance history is one of my great loves! If you have questions, I will be happy to try to answer them in the comments. Parts of this series, if you missed them, can be found posted in previous weeks during July.

We spent the whole day in the museum. This portrait by Sir William Beechey opened the exhibit. And, according to the Met, the Prince Regent was an excellent shot and an avid collector of firearms.

Next we wound up in a musical instruments section of the museum and among other beautiful instruments, we saw this early Italian pianoforte by the inventor of the pianoforte, Bartolomeo Cristofori. On to the painting exhibits, there were surprisingly few items of British art, but there were these two treasures:.

Once A Rake

After a lovely, relaxing lunch in the fine dining room of the museum, we went in search of the room from Lansdowne House in London that Victoria Hinshaw said was acquired by the Met and on display. We walked through room after room of mostly French stuff until finally asking one of the museum guards. Turns out it was removed for renovation! Here , though, is what we might have seen, courtesy of Laurie Benson , my fellow Harlequin Historical author.

This is a long post!! The waltz existed as a form of cotillion and of English country dances long before the scandalous single couple version of it was introduced to England during the Regency. It is those types of waltzing that Jane Austen references in her writings. The waltz traces back to German peasant dances as old as the 16th century. Its history is similar to that of other dance types: what shocked the aristocracy and at first seemed beneath them eventually was adopted by them, because, well, why should only the peasants have fun? The turning, close-held waltz took hold in the higher regions of society by the 18th century in Bavaria and Vienna, and spread to France, where post-revolutionary society embraced it.