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Get this: Cordyceps lloydii attacks living ants and secretes a chemical that compels them to climb to the top of the Costa Rican canopy and attach themselves to leaves; then the mushroom erupts from the ant's head or body to disperse spores into wind currents.

5 Benefits of Cordyceps For Your Brain and Body -

Or this: Imagine that Sigourney Weaver and the others, in Alien , could have sensed that John Hurt was infected by an alien parasite, and killed him and quarantined his body rather than sitting down to lunch with him and a secret new shipmate. This is more or less what happens among some ants and termites that have evolved the ability to detect Cordyceps -infected compadres; sentry soldiers guarding the Queen kill the infected insects and take their bodies far from the nest before they can threaten the colony. Ecology: Parasitic on buried larvae and pupae of insects primarily moths and butterflies ; growing alone or gregariously; summer and fall; widely distributed in North America but apparently more common east of the Rocky Mountains.

Fruiting Body: cm long; up to about. Microscopic Features : Perithecia embedded in a layer of loosely interwoven cells; sometimes appearing half-embedded or superficial.

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Asci x 3. Spores segmented and threadlike; breaking into elliptical segments Kuo Kuo, M.

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Cordyceps militaris. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert.

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Description: Ecology: Parasitic on buried larvae and pupae of insects primarily moths and butterflies ; growing alone or gregariously; summer and fall; widely distributed in North America but apparently more common east of the Rocky Mountains. If Cordyceps was to infect a human, then it using a method unlike true pathogenic fungus seems highly unlikely. Another roadblock is in how the immune systems of humans and insects are different. Insects have innate immune responses-which basically means a non-specific system of attacking pathogens. We have an innate immune response as well-however we also have adaptive immunity which is a beast of a defense system with several steps.

Most true fungal pathogens, and fungal pathogens in general, tend to not infect those with healthy immune systems-hence why for the longest time anti-fungal were somewhat limited and rare. Additionally our blood circulates differently than insects, with a closed system instead of the insects open circulatory system.

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  • Also, we have a wide swath of anti-fungal drugs at our disposal now so a new infectious organism is unlikely to find an easy battle into infecting the human population. Additionally in the game, if I understand correctly, Ellie has a temperate form of the fungus in her brain. A proper immune response would be a far more likely event-wherein due to genetics she managed to get an immune reaction that killed the Cordyceps and prevents susceptibility.

    A temperate strain of the fungal pathogen makes less sense, especially given its location. Evolution is a powerful tool, allowing infectious agents to spread and adapt to their hosts-sometimes they can even spread among species. But in order for the Cordyceps fungus to spread to humans it would have to undergo a ridiculous amount of changes in its genome.

    Clinical Overview

    In The Last of Us, a virus inserts itself into the fungal genome and causes it to jump to humans. Viruses are tiny, and I doubt any genetic re-assortment could make it a perfect human pathogen in one go.

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    • With every roadblock-method of entry, more advanced immune system, different type of covering, and the advanced operation of the human brain the Cordyceps would need to adapt to all of these in order to infect humans. Without humans living in constant contact with Cordyceps, and given the specialization of the fungus I see little evolutionary imperative for the fungus to infect human beings.

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      And even then, it would take hundreds if not thousands of years to get to the point where it could cause the kind of damage that the fungus does in The Last of us. And there are my thoughts on Cordyceps featured in The Last of Us-a visually novel, but completely unrealistic pathogen. You are logged out. Login Sign up. Join us!

      Nintendo Enthusiast Forums. Why The Last of Us fungus is improbable by Gamemaniac What is Cordyceps? Method of pathogenic attack No true pathogenic fungus lands on human skin and eats its way in-therefore already Cordyceps falls at the first hurdle.