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If Democrats think Trump is an authoritarian, why don’t they treat him like one? | Corey Robin
  1. This is how democracies die
  2. 'Radicalization' and 'violent extremism'
  3. 2020 Elections
  4. (DOC) The New Extremism in 21st Century Britain () | Roger Eatwell -

When Laurel returns to Washington, D. Luke Healy, she discovers that budgetary disagreements have halted the government, and mysterious bugs are consuming the brains of Congress members and Capitol Hill staffers. Gimmicks abound on TV nowadays, as apparently audiences no longer sit still for drama, action or even comedy served up straight.

The still topical issue underlined by many specific Trump and Hillary quotes on tape here of a dysfunctional American political system is treated sarcastically by an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" premise from show's creators. What if a meteor-based invasion from Outer Space, turning Washington, D.

With Mr. Monk himself recast as a drunken Republican senator getting the gory aimed seemingly at a Fangoria audience takeover treatment, the pilot episode certainly had its shock moments. Our Nancy Drew explicitly name-dropped heroine is engaging enough to bring us back to reality no matter how far-fetched and silly the action gets, though overall the series is shaping up already for me to be too close to the facetiousness of a Tim Burton "Mars Attacks" or the recent shoulda-been-a-lot-better "You, Me and the Apocalypse" miniseries.

Key question, especially for network exec types, is how long can you string out such an absurd concept? I would put "BrainDead" into the camp of a limited series, with the writers hopefully propelling it sooner rather than later to a slam-bang exciting and instructive in the vein of speculative fiction conclusion. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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  1. Clarence Thomas and the Tough Love Crowd: Counterfeit Heroes and Unhappy Truths.
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This is how democracies die

Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. BrainDead Rate This. Season 1 Episode 1. All Episodes Luke Healy, she discovers that budgetary disagreements have halted the government, and mysterious bugs are consuming Director: Robert King.

'Radicalization' and 'violent extremism'

Added to Watchlist. Tv Series TV Shows. Episodes Watched from Use the HTML below. The normalization of the radical right is largely a consequence of the Rechtsruck of European politics, in part a calculated, and often opportunistic, response by center-right, and to some extent center-left, parties to the increased electoral success of radical right parties.

In some ways, the radical right is setting the political agenda in Europe, by determining what we talk about and how we talk about it. But it can only do that with the tacit support of mainstream media and politics. One of the most important consequences of the normalization of the far right is that far right politics is no longer limited to far right parties.

Authoritarianism, nativism and populism are expressed, in more or less strident ways, by a broad variety of mainstream political parties. In fact, some parties have moved so far to the right, that it is no longer clear whether they are mainstream or radical right.

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  • But in other countries the mainstream right went so far right, that the radical right saw no other possibility than to shift to the mainstream. Another new phenomenon, long considered impossible within the academic literature, is the success of openly extreme right parties. Outside of electoral politics, openly neo-fascist organizations like Casa Pound in Italy, or the slightly more guarded Identitarian Movement, are rearing their heads, building infrastructures and grabbing media attention with carefully crafted stunts. Since ignoring its own electoral promises, as well as its own referendum, and accepting the austerity policies associated with yet another bailout, SYRIZA has become an embarrassment rather than an inspiration for the European populist left.

    Podemos has lost electoral momentum, as it struggles with corruption scandals, the issue of Catalan independence, and an ideological and strategic disagreement over its left populist course. The last remaining hope comes from two movements led by true career politicians, i. For all the talk about populism, without a doubt the political buzzword of the twenty-first century so far, it has little policy implications. Political systems are not fundamentally revised, either at the national or at the European level, and referendums are more criticized than before the recent rise of populist parties.

    This is not to say that populism is irrelevant, or no longer relevant.

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    Populist attitudes are widespread across European populations, and are being fed and strengthened by an almost daily diet of sensationalist media coverage. They constitute a growing threat to liberal democracy in Europe, and around the globe, as they undermine consensus politics, while strengthening similarly intolerant anti-populist positions. Moreover, although populism itself is not anti-democratic, it is logical that someone who is dissatisfied with the way democracy works for many years, will start wondering whether democracy as such is worthwhile. Among the most important threats to liberal democracy in Europe are the rise of populist parties, the increasingly authoritarian responses to terrorism, and the opportunistic reaction to illiberal democracy within the European establishment.

    As several scholars have documented for the s, including Giovanni Capoccia and Daniel Ziblatt, European democracies died at the hands of fascist outsiders, but with the crucial help of conservative insiders. European democracies died at the hands of fascist outsiders, but with the crucial help of conservative insiders. Grandstanding in the European Parliament might make for many likes on social media, but when not followed by actions, will strengthen the illiberal democrats directly and indirectly.

    It allows them to build their illiberal democratic regime, while at the same time pointing out the ineffectiveness, and hypocrisy, of liberal democracy. Moreover, fighting populism with anti-populism weakens rather than strengthens liberal democracy. It delegitimizes the political adversary, polarizes and simplifies differences and groups within society, and furthers a zero-sum type politics, which undermines the essence of the system: compromise between legitimate political adversaries. It is here that Greece yet again features prominently, and not in a good way.

    2020 Elections

    New Democracy has seen a modest uptake, but they are nowhere near pre-crisis levels, while other parties have remained stagnant in past years, despite ongoing political upheaval. The fact that few disappointed SYRIZA voters have found their way back to liberal democratic parties is not that surprising, given that parties like ND and PASOK mainly excel in anti-populism, opposing government policies almost irrespective of their merits. There have been too many attempts to circumvent or undermine the independent judiciary and media, for example, which mainly failed because of the incompetency of the populist forces and the dysfunctionality of the Greek state.

    But while anti-populism might make for effective opposition, it is no basis for government. But let me try to end this introduction on a positive note. While the world has not become a better place since the English edition of this book was published, Greece has. Not only is the economic situation better, albeit far from good, the political situation is less precarious.

    (DOC) The New Extremism in 21st Century Britain () | Roger Eatwell -

    Similarly, the EU has survived Brexit with more ease than was expected and is experiencing a serious Brexit bump in popularity. And, slowly but steadily, the EPP is finally starting to address the membership of Fidesz, while the EU is pressuring both Hungary and Poland, although to different extents. History does not repeat itself, but it also does not progress in a linear fashion.